When flooding threatens
everything you own.

When stacking bags fail you…

Sandbags have been the go-to method for flood protection for years and are far from perfect. Filling and stacking bags take lots of time, human resources, and they ultimately lack effectiveness. After flood waters recede they are dirty and require time-consuming removal. If you've ever been unfortunate enough to have gone through a flooding event, you know they don’t do a very good job of keeping the water out, especially when they’re exposed to flood waters for extended periods of time.

Why does this keep happening?

The reason is simple. It all comes down to the materials and the way they are used. Wet sand becomes mud, bags start losing their integrity after a while, and stacked bags can only take so much force until they need to be reinforced. Lot’s of small bags also means lots of small potential failure points. Add to that the fact that after the flood the bags themselves cause more work to clean up and you’ve got yourself a less-than-optimal solution.

Can we do something about it?

There are many requirements:

  • Use readily available material to create the volume.
  • Don’t take up space permanently.
  • Be reusable for a more sustainable solution.
  • Easy deployment.
  • Flexible and usable in many multiple situations...

These requirements led to the development of AquaDam®:

  • It is designed to use the water from the flood itself.
  • It’s a temporary barrier by design.
  • It can be cleaned and reused afterward.
  • It’s easy to deploy and requires only two people.
  • It can be used to protect any size of property.

How it works

AquaDam® is so strong that it is used in residential applications – this is how it works

AquaDam, Flood Protection, Flood Preperation

The AquaDam® will arrive on-site rolled up like a carpet. Unwrap the rolls along the chosen path. Attach the AquaDams to each other in order to create a dam of any size.

AquaDam, Flood Control, Flood Preperation

Use the available flood waters to inflate the AquaDam® tubes until they reach the specified height.

AquaDam, Flood Protection, Flood Preperation, Flood Prevention

AquaDams are specifically designed to inhibit rolling movement, making the system roll resistant.

Saved with AquaDam®

See how others were able to save their belongings with AquaDam®.

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