Using available flood waters to create an impermeable
barrier to protect against flooding.

Effective temporary containment and protection

AquaDam® is a unique product that uses a source of available water to hold back and control floods. The one thing that is readily available in a flood is water, and we take advantage of this resource to build sturdy barriers with the AquaDam® tubes. AquaDam® flood control barriers have proven to be a very effective tool for flood prevention and protection. Affordable, effective, safe, and easy to install, they save time, labor, and money when compared to sandbags and other flood control devices.

How it works

A specialized system to suit residential, municipal and industrial needs

Flood Control, AquaDam, Emergency Response

Link multiple AquaDams together to create a practically endless dam allowing you to surround the entire site if needed.

AquaDam, Flood Control, Flood Preperation

Use the available water to inflate the AquaDam® tubes until they reach the specified height.


Don’t worry about the AquaDams starting to roll. Their special structure is designed to inhibit rolling movement.

What makes AquaDam® special?

AquaDam® is a unique patented solution that’s unmatched in its effectiveness.


A very effective temporary barrier.


Perfect for water diversion.


Can be filled with locally available water like floodwater.

Roll Resistant-01



Can be joined together with other AquaDams to form barriers of any length.


Can be deployed with minimal manpower.


Can be cleaned and reused.


Quick and flexible deployment.

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