Protect and maintain your
infrastructure from flooding.

When security, flexibility, and access are key

Rapid Response Time

The speed and convenience of flood control AquaDams allow emergency response officials to rapidly protect large areas from flooding with a minimum of effort. AquaDams are easy to store and are reusable.

Less Labor Intensive

The AquaDam® is at least 10 times faster to install than a sandbag dike. It typically takes 5 people almost four hours to build a 100 ft long sandbag dike. A similar sized AquaDam® can be installed by 2 people in as little as 20 minutes.

Emergency Flood Access

Ensure that critical access points are kept open and clear in case of flooding by opening up roads for traffic and emergency help. Evacuations can be delayed if access is maintained.

Less Money. Bigger Value.

AquaDams are 25% - 35% less costly than building a similar sandbag dike (assuming you pay people to build the wall). This cost does not include the time needed to fill sandbags which is often an extra cost. And don't forget the cleanup costs!

How it works

A specialized system to suit your needs as a municipality

AquaDam, Flood Prevention, Flood Protection

AquaDam® will arrive onsite in rolls. Unroll the dams along the proposed deployment path. Additional rolls may be linked to form a dam of any size.

AquaDam, Flood Protection, Flood Preperation

Use the available flood water to inflate the AquaDam® tubes until it reaches the specified height.

Roll Resistant-01-01

AquaDams are roll-resistant. They are specifically designed to inhibit rolling movement.

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