AquaDam® Rapid Response Trailers

Flood Preparation, Flood Prevention, Rapid Response

LOCATION: Manitoba Canada

SCOPE OF WORK: AquaDam® Flood Protections

PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, Installation: Layfield, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Crews, Canadian Armed Forces, and Local Volunteers, Supplier: Layfield, Featured Product: AquaDam® Rapid Response Trailers

Loading the AquaDam Trailers


One of the problems in a flood is to have the right flood control materials in the right place at the right time. In 2011 the Manitoba government asked for a packaged system that could provide 1,500 lineal ft (460m) of flood protection in an easily deployed trailer.


The solution was the AquaDam® Rapid Response Trailer. These trailers were developed with all of the tools and equipment needed to deploy 1,500 lineal ft (460m) of AquaDams in a flood situation. 40 cargo trailers were prepared in just 6 weeks with 600 dams to provide 18 kilometers of flood protection.

These AquaDam® Rapid Response Trailers were shipped to government maintenance yards all over Manitoba in anticipation of flooding season. When the floods came in the spring the flood control dams were ready in the areas most prone to flooding. The trailers could be deployed with a standard pickup truck and two people.

Each of the trailers contained:

20 ft (6m) Cargo Trailer 1
3ft (0.9m) high x 100ft (30m) long AquaDams 15
3" (76mm) gasoline-powered water pumps 2
3" (76 mm) Suction hose with screen 2
3" (76mm) fill hose with Camlok ends 6
Gas can (metal safety type) 1
Shovels 2
Pail for priming the pumps 1
Sandbags 100
Repair patch material 12" x 24" (300 x 600 mm) 1
Scissors and knives 2
Rewinding chucks, handles, and ratchets 1 set
Rolls of tape 6
Spare trailer tire and mount 1
Manuals and warranties for equipment 1 set

During the 2011 floods in Manitoba, AquaDams® were used to protect hundreds of homes, communities, and roadways throughout southern Manitoba. They were able to quickly deploy flood protection to a number of areas where sandbag crews were not available. The Rapid Response Trailers allowed the customer to place flood protection in many communities across the province which allowed then to react quickly when the floods arrived.

First, the tools and equipment are placed.

Then the first row of dams is placed.

Then the last row of dams is added.

Trailers are now ready to go.

AquaDam® Flood Control

Flood control AquaDams® are normally 3ft (0.9m) in height. This height is easily deployed to protect individual homes. The Rapid Response Trailer lets you stage AquaDams in many locations and allow you to respond rapidly to a call for flood assistance.

AquaDam® Flood Control dams can be unrolled in any direction to fit the geometry of the area being protected. AquaDam® can be installed 10 times faster than a conventional sandbag berm for approximately half the cost. AquaDam's cost-effectiveness and ease of installation make them an ideal solution for flood protection.